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Cats and dogs are precious, and finding a reliable, qualified vet you trust enough to care for them is a challenge.

Here at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic in Oceanside, NY, we put your pet at the heart of our practice and work with owners to ensure that your furry friends are happy and healthy.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The first step is to help reduce the chances of your pet becoming unwell, and we offer a range of preventative treatments and checks to help keep your cat or dog healthy – this also allows us to capture any potential issues early before they become a bigger problem.

Areas such as dentistry help to keep your pet in tip-top condition, and we can also offer advice on areas such as cardiology.

Evidence-based treatment

Our focus is on using evidence-based treatment plans, and we use the history of your pets, and their individual medical records, as key tools in our diagnostics. This helps to ensure that we tailor the treatment plan to your cat or dog and that we use all prior knowledge to inform our next steps.

Diagnostic Imaging Veterinarian Dr. Gower in Oceanside NY

Rather than try to offer a generic solution, we will work with you to get to the heart of the problem and make sure that the solution offered suits your pet’s preferences, needs, and lifestyle.

What We Offer

Our team of experienced, qualified practitioners work tirelessly to help and are here because of their love and commitment to their animal patients. With this in mind, we make sure that we offer up-to-date, thorough information on any question or query you may have. Our team undertakes regular training, keeping them abreast of the latest research and ensuring that they can always offer you the most relevant and reliable information for your pet.

In addition, we pride ourselves on always offering a complete and comprehensive consultation with a qualified, experienced veterinarian to make sure we have truly got to the heart of the problem. Animals can’t use their voices to tell us what is wrong, so it is up to us to work out how best to help. We check every angle and aspect, leaving no stone unturned, and will not quit until we have worked out what is bothering your precious pet.

We know that finances can be a worry when you have a poorly pet, and the last thing you need is the stress of an enormous bill looming over you. To help, we can accommodate a range of financing options to cover a variety of situations. Care Credit Financing can help to cover your costs, and we can take care of all the paperwork for you, leaving you to focus on your pet.

Why Choose Us?

Woods Avenue Animal Clinic is headed by Dr. Gower, a veterinarian with over 46 years of experience since 1975! With 10 additional years as a student. Since graduating from the Philippines in 1983, he has been working in the US and cites his love for animals as his primary motivation.

During his career, he has worked with the Animal Medical Center – the largest private small animal hospital in the world – and studied under Dr. Jerry Owens – the first vet to bring the academics of radiology to the sphere of private practice. Dr. Gower has also worked with racehorses alongside Dr. Bob Fritz, where he was one of the first professionals to use ultrasound for diagnosis.

Dr. Gower was one of the first Veterinarians to use ultrasound to diagnose disease in companion animals which he began in 1983! One of the first Veterinarians to use ultrasound to diagnose tendon injuries in racehorses in 1983 at Belmont and Aquaduct racetracks!

In addition, Dr. Stuart Gower is passionate about educating future veterinarians. He continues to educate and pass on his passion, knowledge, and research. He places great value in education and is a keen advocate of improving his own practice through ongoing training and development. He focuses on what is important: the animal at the center of the issue. His passionate, pet-centric approach means that your cat or dog is in the safest hands.

How Can We Help?

We offer a broad range of services to help keep your pet healthy. These include preventative, diagnostic, and treatment solutions. We can help in the following ways:

A Service For You

Our aim is to make the process as comfortable and straightforward as possible for you and your pet, and we offer a range of services to facilitate this. This includes the option of an in-home visit or online video sharing – this is also available from outside the office, and outside of regular business hours.

Our Team

As well as Dr. Gower, our team consists of highly experienced, qualified practitioners who put pet welfare at the heart of their work. Meet some of the staff below!

Dr. Gower in the office selfie

  • Dr. Gower

Dr. Gower is our owner and chief veterinarian and is licensed by the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) and the LIVMA (Long Island Veterinary Medical Association). In addition, he is a participant of CE lectures, which works to educate the next generation of vets.



Get In Touch

Pets are a crucial part of family life, and so it is important that you find a reliable, compassionate, and experienced team to take care of their health. If you have any questions, please call us. We welcome the chance to work with you and your four-legged friend!

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Oceanside Vet Care

Looking for quick, affordable, and easy veterinarian care for your dog or cat? We make contacting us vary easy. Simply fill out the form below or call, email, or create an account where you can book online today. 

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Oceanside Vet Care

Looking for quick, affordable, and easy veterinarian care for your dog or cat? We make contacting us vary easy. Simply fill out the form below or give us a call!

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Dr. Gower in the office selfie

About Dr. Gower

Dr. Gower is a member of the AVMA; The American Veterinary Medical Association. A National Veterinary Organization which he has been a member for 38 years.

The AVMA promotes and supports its members through education, careers, research, publications, healthcare, etc.

Dr. Gower is an active participant of CE
LECTURES by well-noted Professors, researchers, and Board Specialists within almost every discipline of Veterinary Medicine.

My Life , My love of Veterinary Medicine, continues to evolve as I enter the next phase of my career. 

Patient Reviews

Top Rated Oceanside NY Veterinarian

Lauren Davi
Lauren D.
20:36 16 Jul 20
Nicole Esposito
Nicole E.
15:08 27 Apr 20
Everyone in the office is great! I’d never bring any of my babies anywhere else!They even followed up to make sure my baby was doing better. They are sympathetic and personable. I’m so thankful!
Nicole Esposito
Nicole E.
02:32 25 Apr 20
Dr. Gower is the BEST!!! He truly cares about his patients. He’s clean safe and sympathetic! I’d never take my babies to anyone else! And Denise is pretty great as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love you guys so much!!!!!
Jennifer Clapp
Jennifer C.
20:24 07 Mar 20
Stu was very sweet and knowledgeable. I was very worried about my fur baby’s declining health but Stu walked me through everything and even discussed financing options. I will recommending to all of my friends!
Joshua Palmer
Joshua P.
20:54 18 Feb 20
Hey Dr. Gower, I wanted to say thank you for seeing my dog so quickly. I appreciate you taking the time with me to go over what was bothering him!
17:37 06 Feb 20
Great service my dog is 14 and has heart problem and Mr. Gowen keep her well manage not sure she would be here without their great care...
14:34 31 Jan 20
My dog Taco is a very difficult client but the staff handles him with ease. Dr. Gower is awesome, would recommend.
Sharon Goldschmidt
Sharon G.
15:37 21 Jan 20
Very friendly office , professional and very helpful.
Michael Heldt
Michael H.
16:00 10 Jan 20
Very friendly staff, Awsome Doctor. Compared to the last vet I was at this place is 100 times better.
Joseph Nicolosi
Joseph N.
15:41 09 Jan 20
dr. gower and are very educated and are very lovely to be around. visits are great.
Dana Drasser Alford
Dana Drasser A.
16:37 07 Jan 20
Love the people at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic ❤️ They have taken care of my kitties for many years and have been there through good and bad with a smile and professionalism!
Amanda Vitale
Amanda V.
21:50 30 Dec 19
I took my dog in for an injured leg, the doctor and staff were amazing and informative. They did not push treatments that were not needed. I am very happy on choosing woods avenue and will certainly be using them for all our needs!
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