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Any responsible pet owner will understand the importance of getting your pet spayed and neutered as early as possible. Not only does failing to do so increase your chance of unwanted puppies or kittens but remaining intact can also have long-term health concerns for your pet.

There is a common misconception that you should allow your pet to have just one litter, but this is a myth. Breeding your dog or cat increases their chances of contracting a wide range of conditions, including uterine infections and cancers, as well as increasing the risk that your male cat will roam and become lost or injured. Neutering male pets can also help with behavioral issues by reducing the amount of testosterone.

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Spaying and neutering are standard, routine operations that can come with a range of benefits for your pet. Despite their simplicity, it is crucial that you have a veterinarian you can trust to carry out the procedure. Here at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic, we are dedicated to putting your pet first and have a wealth of experience within the team to ensure that your cat or dog is on the road to recovery in no time. We are located right here in Oceanside NY.

Why Do I Need To Spay Or Neuter My Pet?

Getting your pet spayed or neutered should be a top priority for pet owners, and there are a range of benefits and advantages to your cat or dog.

  • No litters
    • There is no denying that kittens and puppies are super cute, but being a pet owner also comes with a fair share of responsibilities.
    • You will have a duty to find loving, safe homes for any litters produced by your pet, and with cats potentially producing up to ten offspring, this is a big challenge.
    • Take responsibility and do not be part of the growing pandemic of abandoned puppies and kittens who are filling up rehoming centers.
  • Reduce the risk of disease
    • Leaving your cat or dog intact increases their risk of many conditions. Females, in particular, are prone to developing cancerous breast tumors, or uterine infections; these tend to develop at a rate of 50% in dogs, and 90% in cats. You should ensure that your pet is spayed before her first heat to help protect against this.
    • In addition, male pets can develop prostate issues, and testicular cancer. Neutering early on helps to reduce the chances of a serious problem developing in later life.
  • Behavioral issues
    • Many pet owners report behavioral problems in their male pets, and this is often attributed to an increase in testosterone. Unneutered cats and dogs will tend to mark their territory, and this is achieved by spraying urine around the house, which smells very strong.
    • Females in heat will yowl consistently, as well as risking urination throughout the home in an attempt to attract a mate.

Dogs, in particular, can also display signs of aggression prior to being neutered, and they may mount people or other animals, which can be embarrassing at best, and frightening at worst for those who do not like dogs. Neutering your pet allows you to reduce the level of testosterone, and this is a top reason for unwanted behavior. It is important to remember that any habitual behavior will not be resolved by neutering and that your dog’s individual personality, history, and nature will come into play.

  • Reduce the risk of losing your pet
    • An animal in heat will be desperate to find a mate, and dogs have a tendency to roam. This may result in them trying to escape from the home, and this increases their risk of injury from the outside world, including other animals or traffic accidents.
  • More cost-effective for owners
    • There is no denying that spaying and neutering come with a price tag, but this is a far lower cost than having to raise and care for a litter.
  • It will not cause weight gain
    • Many pet owners are reluctant to neuter their pets due to a risk of weight gain, but it is important to note that this is a myth.
    • Keeping your pet in good shape involves managing a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercises, and these will not be impacted by being neutered.

Choose A Compassionate Practitioner

When considering the best place for your pet’s medical care, it is crucial that you have a veterinarian and team that you can trust. Here at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic, we always put the needs of your pet first. We will use your pet’s individual history as a key part of our process, and this ensures that you receive a personalized treatment, which is the perfect match for your cat or dog. Whether they have allergies, underlying health issues, or are simply scared of the vet, we will work to make sure that a first-class course of treatment is in place.

Dr. Gower and his team have a wealth of experience and have the well-being of your pet as their only priority. With over three decades in the business, we can carry out your neutering or spaying, and do our best to keep your pet calm, relaxed, and back to feeling their best in no time. Contact us today!

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  • Why do I need to spay or neuter my pet?
  • Choose a compassionate practitioner

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Looking for quick, affordable, and easy veterinarian care for your dog or cat? We make contacting us vary easy. Simply fill out the form below or give us a call!

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Dr. Gower is a member of the AVMA; The American Veterinary Medical Association. A National Veterinary Organization which he has been a member for 38 years.

The AVMA promotes and supports its members through education, careers, research, publications, healthcare, etc.

Dr. Gower is an active participant of CE
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My Life , My love of Veterinary Medicine, continues to evolve as I enter the next phase of my career. 

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Lauren Davi
Lauren D.
20:36 16 Jul 20
Nicole Esposito
Nicole E.
15:08 27 Apr 20
Everyone in the office is great! I’d never bring any of my babies anywhere else!They even followed up to make sure my baby was doing better. They are sympathetic and personable. I’m so thankful!
Nicole Esposito
Nicole E.
02:32 25 Apr 20
Dr. Gower is the BEST!!! He truly cares about his patients. He’s clean safe and sympathetic! I’d never take my babies to anyone else! And Denise is pretty great as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love you guys so much!!!!!
Jennifer Clapp
Jennifer C.
20:24 07 Mar 20
Stu was very sweet and knowledgeable. I was very worried about my fur baby’s declining health but Stu walked me through everything and even discussed financing options. I will recommending to all of my friends!
Joshua Palmer
Joshua P.
20:54 18 Feb 20
Hey Dr. Gower, I wanted to say thank you for seeing my dog so quickly. I appreciate you taking the time with me to go over what was bothering him!
17:37 06 Feb 20
Great service my dog is 14 and has heart problem and Mr. Gowen keep her well manage not sure she would be here without their great care...
14:34 31 Jan 20
My dog Taco is a very difficult client but the staff handles him with ease. Dr. Gower is awesome, would recommend.
Sharon Goldschmidt
Sharon G.
15:37 21 Jan 20
Very friendly office , professional and very helpful.
Michael Heldt
Michael H.
16:00 10 Jan 20
Very friendly staff, Awsome Doctor. Compared to the last vet I was at this place is 100 times better.
Joseph Nicolosi
Joseph N.
15:41 09 Jan 20
dr. gower and are very educated and are very lovely to be around. visits are great.
Dana Drasser Alford
Dana Drasser A.
16:37 07 Jan 20
Love the people at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic ❤️ They have taken care of my kitties for many years and have been there through good and bad with a smile and professionalism!
Amanda Vitale
Amanda V.
21:50 30 Dec 19
I took my dog in for an injured leg, the doctor and staff were amazing and informative. They did not push treatments that were not needed. I am very happy on choosing woods avenue and will certainly be using them for all our needs!
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