Veterinarian Services

Here at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic in Oceanside NY, we make sure that the wellbeing of your pet is always our number one priority and the heart of every decision. Our team of experienced vets and assistants will work with you to determine an accurate diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment for everyone.

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Dr. Gower, our owner, and chief veterinarian has over 37 years of experience as a practitioner and possesses a genuine passion for small animals, which helps to offer a compassionate, authentic ethos to the practice.

Use The Evidence

We believe in evidence-based treatment plans and consequently, will always use the history of your pet as the key point in all of our decisions. A cat or dog’s medical history can tell us a lot about the problem at hand and can be a handy tool in establishing a diagnosis and the most suitable course of treatment.

Rather than issue a generic opinion, we get to the heart of the matter, by working with the individual nuances of each animal. Not only does this lead to more accurate results, but it also helps to ensure that your pet is receiving a personalized, tailor-made plan which is far more likely to offer effective long-term results.

What We Can Offer

We can take care of your pet at every stage of their ailment and offer a wide range of services, including general surgery and treatment, preventative care, and emergency and urgent care where required.

Family Veterinary Care

As an established family vet practice, we can take care of every aspect of the health of your precious pet, and offer diagnostic tests, dentistry services, and dedicated, individual treatment plans for each pet.

Accurate Diagnosis

Thanks to our skilled team and specialist equipment, we can offer a range of the very best advanced diagnostic tests in the industry. These include:

    • Ultrasounds – unlike an x-ray, ultrasounds do not contain any radiation and can give vets a useful insight into the organs of your pet. This allows any anomalies to be flagged up immediately and offers a safer alternative to traditional x-ray images. An ultrasound can also be an easy way to check whether your pet has ingested anything they shouldn’t have!
    • X-rays – x-rays do have their place, however, and our team can use dedicated equipment to diagnose breaks, fractures, and other issues with the bone.
    • Cardiology – taking care of your pets here is, of course, a priority, and we can offer a range of tests to help make sure everything is working correctly and to diagnose problems to allow the most effective treatment plan to begin as soon as possible.
    • Treatment Options – Once the issue has been diagnosed, our team can choose from a variety of the best treatment options
    • Cold laser therapy – to help get your pet back on their feet in no time.
    • Dentistry – Taking care of your pet’s teeth is as important as maintaining your own oral health, and we can help with preventative check-ups and treatments, as well as cosmetic dentistry such as whitening and orthodontics.
    • Emergency and Urgent Care – Our team is available until 8 pm every night and depending on Drs. availability on Sundays and can offer a range of consultation options, which include
      • online video calls
      • in-home appointments
      • long opening hours to allow you to pick a time that suits you
    • In addition, we have access to a range of experienced and trusted vets who can take care of your precious pet out of hours, ensuring that you are always covered.
    • Spay and Neuter – Any responsible pet owner will understand the importance of getting your pet spayed and neutered as early as possible. Not only does failing to do so increase your chance of unwanted puppies or kittens but remaining intact can also have long-term health concerns for your pet.

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Oceanside Vet Care

Looking for quick, affordable, and easy veterinarian care for your dog or cat? We make contacting us vary easy. Simply fill out the form below or call, email, or create an account where you can book online today. 

Oceanside Vet Care

Looking for quick, affordable, and easy veterinarian care for your dog or cat? We make contacting us vary easy. Simply fill out the form below or give us a call!

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Veterinarian Services

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About Dr. Gower

Dr. Gower is a member of the AVMA; The American Veterinary Medical Association. A National Veterinary Organization which he has been a member for 38 years.

The AVMA promotes and supports its members through education, careers, research, publications, healthcare, etc.

Dr. Gower is an active participant of CE
LECTURES by well-noted Professors, researchers, and Board Specialists within almost every discipline of Veterinary Medicine.

My Life , My love of Veterinary Medicine, continues to evolve as I enter the next phase of my career. 

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