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Who Are We?

Based in Oceanside, NY, overseen by Veterinarian Dr. Gower, who cites his genuine love for animals as his primary motivation. Practicing since 1983, he moved his practice to Oceanside in 2003. He has been taking care of cats and dogs ever since!

Veterinarian Care​

Friendly, Experienced, Comprehensive

Here at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic, we understand that pets are family. That’s why we work with owners to put your dog or cat at the heart of everything we do, from the initial diagnosis to the final treatment decision.

Compassionate Pet Healthcare

Dr. Stuart Gower

Oceanside Veterinarian Near You

Dr. Gower is an advocate for pet-centered care, using the animal's individuality and personal medical history as the starting point for all examinations. As he himself put it: “I love science and technology. But I love the simplicity of human interactions, human-animal bonding, and the invaluable information gained from engaging in the simple art of LISTENING!”

He is proud to work with his local partners

  • LIVS – Long Island Veterinary Specialists
  • VMCLI- Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island
  • VERC – Westbury Board Certified Emergency centers

What Do We Do?

Our focus here is primarily on dogs and cats, and we have a range of ways we can help.


If your pet has an emergency, please call us immediately. We work hard to get your pet feeling healthy and happy again.

Urgent Care

When your pet get's injured around the house, or maybe on a walk who do you contact? Dr. Gower and his team are available until 8:00 PM Each night to assist your best friend.

Diagnostic Imaging

We take into account your pet's history and full medical records when determining what exactly is wrong with your cat or dog. They can't as easily speak to us.


We can investigate everything from the heart to the circulatory system to make sure everything is running as it should and offer the latest research and education to keep your pet in perfect health.

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can treat acute, chronic injuries, sprains, strains, arthritis, and swelling.

Spay and Neuter

Nationwide, millions of pets are euthanized each year. You can give your pet a happier, healthier future.


Cats & Dogs both get diseases just like we do so making sure your pet gets regular screenings is vital.


Proper dentistry is the first step in preventive care for your pet. Pet's need regular checkups just like humans.

Dog and Cat vaccinations icon


Like people, pets need vaccines. Schedule your pet's shots with us today. A lot of your pet's health depends on how well you keep up with their shots.

Home Visit

Do you have a pet that has anxiety issues or may be unable to come to our clinic? We offer an in-home experience from our certified vet technicians that will allow your dog or cat to get help all from the comforts of their home!​

Screen Share

Are you looking for something more convenient? Our screen sharing allows us to give your dog or cat an exam right away from your home instead of visiting us for a basic exam or check-up.


Dr. Gower and his highly trained staff offer many pet healthcare services to help your cat & dog. Check out our list of local vet services.

Patient Reviews

Top Rated Oceanside NY Veterinarian

Lauren Davi
Lauren D.
20:36 16 Jul 20
Nicole Esposito
Nicole E.
15:08 27 Apr 20
Everyone in the office is great! I’d never bring any of my babies anywhere else!They even followed up to make sure my baby was doing better. They are sympathetic and personable. I’m so thankful!
Nicole Esposito
Nicole E.
02:32 25 Apr 20
Dr. Gower is the BEST!!! He truly cares about his patients. He’s clean safe and sympathetic! I’d never take my babies to anyone else! And Denise is pretty great as well ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love you guys so much!!!!!
Jennifer Clapp
Jennifer C.
20:24 07 Mar 20
Stu was very sweet and knowledgeable. I was very worried about my fur baby’s declining health but Stu walked me through everything and even discussed financing options. I will recommending to all of my friends!
Joshua Palmer
Joshua P.
20:56 18 Feb 20
Hey Dr. Gower, I wanted to say thank you for seeing my dog so quickly. I appreciate you taking the time with me to go over what was bothering him!
Joshua Palmer
Joshua P.
20:54 18 Feb 20
Hey Dr. Gower, I wanted to say thank you for seeing my dog so quickly. I appreciate you taking the time with me to go over what was bothering him!
17:37 06 Feb 20
Great service my dog is 14 and has heart problem and Mr. Gowen keep her well manage not sure she would be here without their great care...
14:34 31 Jan 20
My dog Taco is a very difficult client but the staff handles him with ease. Dr. Gower is awesome, would recommend.
Sharon Goldschmidt
Sharon G.
15:37 21 Jan 20
Very friendly office , professional and very helpful.
Michael Heldt
Michael H.
16:00 10 Jan 20
Very friendly staff, Awsome Doctor. Compared to the last vet I was at this place is 100 times better.
Joseph Nicolosi
Joseph N.
15:41 09 Jan 20
dr. gower and are very educated and are very lovely to be around. visits are great.
Dana Drasser Alford
Dana Drasser A.
16:37 07 Jan 20
Love the people at Woods Avenue Animal Clinic ❤️ They have taken care of my kitties for many years and have been there through good and bad with a smile and professionalism!
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